Semalt: Google Analytics Spam Traffic And The Ways To Block It

Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, thinks that it would not be wrong to say that Analytics spam is one of the major problems for webmasters these days. This topic has gained popularity, and there are a lot of ways to deal with this issue. Google has created a traffic spam support section on its page, which is meant to provide us with the necessary information so that we can get a solution to our problem. Google Analytics representative Adam Singer confirmed that the company is currently trying to fix the problem. However, it will take some time, and the exact date has been unknown. Initially, they analyzed more than 259 Google Analytics accounts, which contained no viruses and spam. They set up the filters and had a minimum of twenty-five referrer visits each day. The total referrer spam traffic was over ten percent, and about fifty percent of the websites had spam traffic from over five hundred domains. You should consider using these tools that will help you to keep your Google Analytics data and statistics up to date and free of spam.

Analytics Referrer/Ghost Spam Blocker

It is an advanced spam blocker that updates itself on a regular basis. With time, it updates more than 550 blacklisted domains that contain suspicious URLs and filters those links to provide you with the best and most appropriate results. The tool is available free of cost, has a simple and user-friendly interface with lots of search options. Also, it can be updated with multiple accounts, and its views are easily filtered. Its quota limit is over ten thousand requests per day, but you should update your filters every time you add new domains to this tool.

Analytics Toolkit

Let me make it clear that Analytics Toolkit is not free of cost; you would have to pay $15 per month to access all of its features, but that price is lower than a headache this tool can relieve. It is one of the most amazing and excellent tools as it broadens your range of Google Analytics reports and provides you with the most accurate results. This tool automatically updates its filters, so you don't have to do any special work whenever you insert new domains. You can apply the filters on all types of properties, views, and accounts. The tool has the user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface. The best part is that it has no quota limit, which means you can add as many domains and subdomains as possible. However, you would have to register and get approved, as well as pay a fee to access this tool and its various features.

Spam Filter Installer

Spam Filter Installer is an open source and free software. It is one of the most comprehensive automated spam filter tools on the internet. It is easy to download and has a lot of features. This can be implemented to your site and has a range of views and properties to choose from. The tool can be used only on one domain at a time and has quota limit of two thousand users per day. Also, the number of filters and domains is not updated accurately, and that's a major drawback of this tool.